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World Famous Studios is a professional recording studio owned and operated by
platinum award winning engineer Pete deBoer, located in Lakewood Colorado.

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Pete deBoer


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Producer, Recording/Mixing/Pro Tools Engineer, Pete deBoer is dedicated to bringing artistry and technology together to create the ultimate recording experience for artists.

After graduating from New York's Institute of Audio Research Pete worked at several prominent NYC recording studios and worked side by side with some of the best producers and engineers in the business and brings that experience to every session.

Over 20 years experience and a masters understanding of analog and digital recording technology have led to an eclectic catalogue of credits spanning across all genres. Pete deBoer is an expert in his field and pursues excellence in whatever part he plays in the creative process of music production, engineering and mixing.


World Famous Studios Logo

The recording process is an art form.

From microphone selection and placement to the proper use of dynamics and equalization, our engineers have the training and experience to record any style of music.

We can handle almost any recording setup from vocals and overdubs to setting up an entire band live with isolation to get the feel of a group with the ability to overdub/edit or re-track anything later.


World Famous Studios Logo

World Famous Studios is a digital and analog facility.

Most sessions are usually a hybrid of the two. Taking advantage of the audio quality benefits of analog and our Amek Rembrandt console, while benefiting from the speed, flexibility and editing capabilities of Pro Tools for the best of both worlds.

We can also “print” the mixes from the console to our beautiful Ampex ATR-102 ½” tape recorder to give them the analog “warmth” that is often lacking in todays digital recordings.


World Famous Studios Logo

Mastering is not an optional step, it’s an essential for every album. We use techniques that maintain dynamics, punch and big low end while acheiving competitive volume and minimizing unwanted distortion.

Mastering will:
-Increase overall volume & consistency
-Add clarity, punch and a cohesive low end that may be missing from your mixes
Mastering will NOT:
-Fix a bad mix or recording...
But it might help

We encourage artists to bring tracks that they recorded at home or other studios to take advantage of our equipment and experience.

We also accept project media and files via the internet and mail for clients that are unable to attend their session.


"I'm beyond thrilled with my experience at WFS. It was worth every penny!"

Pete and the team were able to do far more with my song than I could've done in 10 years. I had spend close to 50 hours on this one song. I was reluctant to pay for four hours of studio time. Had I known how hard they would work, and that they would bring my song to life, I wouldn't have doubted for a second that it was the right choice.

If you think that you need less studio time, keep in mind, these guys were working relentlessly during my session to get everything just right! I would do it all over again. It was worth every penny!

Thanks Pete & John! You guys are incredible! THANK YOU!"

Grant R via Thumbtack

"Recording at World Famous Studios was by far the best studio recording experience of my music career."

The staff was incredibly efficient and knowledgeable enabling me the opportunity to realize my musical vision. I am thrilled with the results! I am going back to World Famous Studios and wouldn't trust my songs to anyone else.

John W. via Email

Pete knows how to get SOUNDS!! Period.

I've had the pleasure of working with Pete deBoer on several recording projects with my band, Hey Aviator. Pete is an amazing producer. So Much FUN to work with in the studio. He makes the entire process positive & the outcome? UNMATCHED. I'm looking forward to working with Pete deBoer at World Famous Studios again soon.

Birdee B via Thumbtack

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Hourly sessions are a minimum 2 hours and include a house engineer.

Full Day Sessions

Full day sessions are 10 hours and include a house engineer. Full day sessions have a start time of 12pm. Any time over the scheduled 10 hours will be subject to overtime costs at the engineers discression.

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